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Rules of Rawrbacon - Volume I - Basic Guidelines

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Rules of Rawrbacon - Volume I - Basic Guidelines Empty Rules of Rawrbacon - Volume I - Basic Guidelines

Post by Lark7zero Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:45 pm

This isn't going to be exciting, just listing some noteworthy rules to keep everyone in line.

1) Be imaginative. Remember, the story is being narrated by a real person, so be witty in your actions, think outside the sphere.
2) Be kind to fellow role-players. Nobody wants to be stuck in the tight minivan with a guy who keeps complaining about random skittles.
3) When in combat, don't make an elaborate description of your attack. How embarrassing would it be for you to detail how you instantly decapitate a Gawd Damn Yeti at full health as you roll for just a 1.
4) Only roll once. Unless the narrator says otherwise, you can only roll one once per die. For example, if you're faced with a single stat check, you can only use that die once for that roll. If you encounter more than one stat check at once, you can then roll them both at once but only once per die.
5) Be considerate of teammates. Other people have lives too. Be patient and wait your turn to come. The wait also helps the narrator take time to think out his own actions.
6) Duck is an arse. Nothing can be helped in this situation. Except maybe bribery. Or duct tape.
7) Do not argue with the narrator. If you argue, he shall kick you into the next region. He can do that. Because he's frakking Morgan Freeman. No one messes with Morgan Freeman.
8} If you're not engaging in an RP, do not interfere in that RP's thread. We don't need distractions.
9) Rawrbacon is not on Earth, or in the same universe.

More rules can be applied if anyone has any questions.
[I hope you take Rule #6 as a joke, Duck, I still brove you.] :3

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Rules of Rawrbacon - Volume I - Basic Guidelines Empty Re: Rules of Rawrbacon - Volume I - Basic Guidelines

Post by usducktape Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:42 am

Get hype! Haven't been of the server lately cause of college apps, but will try to get involved in any rp shit. Dude, Lark we have to play some of that story game together, or at least some more GTA. Also, rule #9 is way crazy. Good work!

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